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~ Pirelli engineers took advantage of extensive sports collaboration with McLaren, as well as lessons learned from motor sports, especially in the development of tires for the P1 to bring out the best possible product.

McLaren Senna does not disguise the identity of the sports car, resembles a version of the GT3 vehicles created for the road. Its enormous power (800 horsepower), exceptional carbon fiber chassis, sophisticated suspension system derived from racing versions and aerodynamics developed with the most advanced technology make this car special.

Such important features required the special development of tires capable of withstanding extreme acceleration and aerodynamic loads.

Paying particular attention to the materials in order to achieve all of the targets set, Pirelli provided excellent reliability and suitability for the purpose with light and optimal design as well as selecting the ones that are suitable for the highest performance.

The combination of these elements guarantees excellent stability and handling, while providing precise turning, impressive stability, maximum traction in all driving conditions and shorter braking.

The innovative tire design with asymmetrical profiles and sidewalls maximizes the interaction between the front and rear axles while providing optimal lateral stability.

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