Amigurumi buldog | A special gift for a baby boy

I´ve been working on an amigurumi buldog for a long time. Last summer I completed a girl version. I was quite happy with it, especially because it was so different of what I´ve created before, but I felt the design needed a little improvement. I wanted to try a two-colored buldog, a more realistic one. But for some reason things didn`t go smoothly. I was super pleased with the head, and the body worked up nice too. But I didn`t know what to do with the legs. Tried to put him to sit, but that didn`t look right. Tried to make the limbs longer, but that didn`t work either. So it was left unfinished, until my sister said she needed it as a gift for a friend`s newborn baby boy. Why? Because her friend had a French buldog at home too. So I came back to the design and discovered the first shape and placement of limbs was the best one after all. I dressed this puppy in boy`s clothing. He came out a true Mister Handsome, don`t you think?!

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