New player of e-Sports: Renault – Otomobil Gazetesi

Renault and Renault Sport Racing joined forces with Team Vitality to form the Renault Sport Team Vitality. Renault Sport Team Vitality is taking part in the new season of Rocket League Championship Europe, a sports car game with more than 25 million players. The team, led by Philip Paschmeyer, Victor Locquet and Sandro Holzwarth, offers Renault the opportunity to connect with e-Sports enthusiasts.

The Renault brand also takes part in the team outfits of the players in the League of Legend and Fifa tournaments, taking place in the same category as the major brands such as Adidas, Omen by HP, Volvic and Canal +.

Bastien Schupp, Vice President of Renault Group's Global Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communications Department, ''This partnership offers us an extraordinary opportunity to communicate with a whole new young audience. "It will be a great partnership to combine Vitality's vision and expertise with e-Sports and our successful history in motor sports. We look forward to communicating with these young players through Renault Sport Racing and being a part of ''. said.

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