Nissan Robot-Taxi is coming – Cars Newspaper

NISSAN Motor Co. Ltd. and DeNA Co., Ltd. introduces the Easy Ride brand for their new robot-taxi mobility solution. Collaborating to develop a new mobility service that leverages autonomous driving technology, companies will combine DeNa deneyims experience in the Internet and artificial intelligence, as well as concepts such as autonomous driving, electric vehicles and connectivity within NISSAN’s vision of Inteligent Mobility.

Within the scope of this cooperation, Easy Ride, which acts with the concept of daha more freedom of movement,, addresses everyone who wants to travel freely with robot-taxi wherever they want. The system also provides users with a mobile application that collects all processes from setting targets to vehicle procurement and payment in a single point. The system can also offer users local destinations or travel routes to suit their interests. NISSAN and DeNA also plan to offer multiple language options and use remote monitoring to ensure customer safety.

Easy Ride will be available as a new infrastructure option to support existing transportation solutions. This year, NISSAN and DeNA, who started a technical field test using an autonomous vehicle, will recruit field test participants on the Easy Ride website by January 15th. The tests will take place from 5 March 2018 to 18 March 2018 in Minatomirai, Yokohama, Japan.

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