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Porsche is preparing to launch an unprecedented future plan: By 2022, the sports car manufacturer will invest more than € 6 billion in electromobility, including hybrid and fully electric cars. This decision was taken at the last meeting of the Audit Committee of Porsche AG. Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG, said: alan We are doubling our investments in the field of electromobility from 3 billion euros to over 6 billion euros. Although we continue to develop models with combustion engines, this decision is crucial in determining the company's future path. ”

1 billion euros for the conversion of electric and hybrid models

The company plans to invest more than € 3 billion in tangible assets and more than € 3 billion in development costs. With an additional investment of € 3 billion, approximately EUR 500 million will be spent on the development of Mission E versions and derivatives, approximately EUR 1 billion on the transformation of the existing product line into electrical and hybrid models, and several million euros on plant development, as well as new technologies, charging infrastructure and smartphones. to be used for investments in mobility areas.

At Zuffenhausen, a new paint shop, assembly site and a conveyor bridge to carry the painted chassis and chassis to the final assembly site are under construction. The existing motor factory is expanded to be used in the production of electric motors, while the body shop is being developed. The Weissach Development Center is also under investment plans. Mission E has created approximately 1,200 new jobs so far. The all-electric Mission E sports car has a system power of 600 hp, which means that it will accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. The car, which can accelerate and decelerate consecutively without sacrificing performance, has a range of 500 kilometers under the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). The charging time of the car is also extremely low: thanks to the 800 volt system voltage, the car can be charged for 15 minutes for a 400 kilometer journey.

Widespread fast charging infrastructure

Porsche and Audi; The BMW Group represents the Volkswagen Group in the Ionity joint venture, including Daimler AG and the Ford Motor Company. Ionity's goal is to build and operate 400 fast charging stations on Europe's busiest motorways by 2020. Construction of the project started in 2017. In addition to the works under Ionity, Porsche’s dealer network will be located in a nationwide rapid charge infrastructure.

Hybrid cars quickly turn into a success story for Porsche

With the launch of the new Panamera, Porsche's third-generation rechargeable hybrid engine is launched in two versions. Both versions have a range of up to 50 kilometers on electric power alone. The flagship of the model series, the Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, offers a perfect combination of top performance and maximum efficiency thanks to its four-liter V8 engine and 680 hp system power. The model is the most sports car in the luxury segment. This is not the hybrid engine, however, thanks to the hybrid engine has won.

Hybrid models are highly appreciated by customers. Since the launch of the new Panamera series, 60 percent of all Panamera sold in Europe have this state-of-the-art engine system. This rate is much higher in some countries, for example in Scandinavia, which corresponds to about 90 percent of orders received from hybrid models.

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