Why do men lose weight faster?

You guys! Did you know that you are much luckier in weight loss than women? I wanted to let you remember how lucky you are. Because you should know that besides having the advantages I will count in a moment, paying attention to your diet and increasing your physical activity will contribute to your weight loss process. Here are 3 proofs that you are more fortunate…

1-You have more safes

Testosterone, which is a rare hormone in men and in women, increases muscle mass synthesis by increasing muscle tissue synthesis and muscle tissue reconstruction. Men have 40% and 60% more muscles than women. Men burn fat faster than women because muscles provide more burning than other parts of the body (organs, bones, fat stores). We can't say the same for estrogen found in women. Therefore, men are more muscular and women are more fat.

2- Stress is easier to deal with

There are dozens of emotions mixed with hunger, sadness, stress, anxiety, happiness duygusal Studies show that emotional eating syndrome is more common in women than in men. Because men are more successful in dealing with stress than women. From a social perspective, we see that men overcome a situation physically, correct the situation, and resume their lives. In general, men can get into a fight with someone in the morning, and in the afternoon, you can see them eating, because they've already outdone what's happened and don't worry about it as much as women do. This means that men produce less stress hormones that prevent weight loss and cause fat accumulation around the waist.

3-Men's work easier

It is estimated that women start dieting around the age of 14, while the age of starting diet in men is observed much later. For most women, the wrong diet during puberty is able to destroy the fat burning system during this sensitive period of hormonal development. Therefore, the metabolism of men is not upside down from the first stage. In addition, the number of calories that men should consume during the day and the amount of calories they consume naturally are generally higher than women. Considering that 7000 kcal deficiency is needed to lose 1 kilo, it seems easier for men to achieve this than women. Men can achieve this gap even with small portion changes…

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